How to sign-up for a trip/activity

Covid-19 (Must click & read)

**Basic Membership $10/year - Plan on only attending weekend trips of 3 nights or less, or activities.

VIP Membership $15/year - Plan on attending trips longer than 3 nights with any activities.

1) You have to be a paid member of Ski Klub International in order to participate on any trips/activities. $10/$15 membership fee is on a yearly basis
from September to August.

2) We currently do not accept membership from the general public. Non - members must have a referral from a current or past member who is on our
database in order to join.

3) Review Ski Klub's Conditions & Policies Page, Covid-19 Policies and submit your annual membership application  with the enclosed waiver release of
liability agreement with your $10/$15 membership or renewal fee. The membership application with the enclosed waiver & Release of liability agreement is
only required once a year/season.

4) Trips/Activities are based on availability. If a trip/activity is listed as Available, Limited, Last Call, Based on Availability (BOA) or Wait List, you can sign
up. If the trip/activity is listed as Sold Out or Not Available, you may be able to sign up, but chances are very slim. You can e-mail us to see if there are
other options.

5) Reservations for all trips/activities are on a first come, first served basis. We highly recommend you e-mail us if plan to sign-up for any trips/activities.
If the trip/activity is available, you will have 5 business days to submit the initial deposit or payment to us. If initial deposit/payment is not received within
5 business days of your e-mail reservation, the space will be canceled & released.

6) All reservations are based on double occupancy: 2 people per bedroom/hotel room. All rates are in USD, per person based on number of people in
condo/hotel room. Please review occupancy level on trip flyer. If you plan to fill your own condo or have more than 2 people/bedroom/hotel room,
everyone in the condo/hotel room must know each other. Due to Covid-19, we are no longer able to pair strangers/members together as roommates or
to fill the minimum occupancy lodging requirement.

7) For all trips/tours/activities, we highly recommend you sign-up with your own roommate.

8) After contacting us for availability, review the deposit & cancellation policy, Covid-19 policies on the website, and the trip/activity flyer. Once you have
review all policies/conditions, you can submit your initial deposit or payment with your trip registration form. You must agree to and adhere to all
policies/conditions, especially Covid-19 policies to attend any trips/acitivites.

9) In order to confirm your space, all of the above forms must be filled out signed & dated with initial deposit or payment. All membership applications
and trip/activity registration forms can be sent to us via e-mail, fax, or mail.

10) If everything is in order, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your reservation once your initial deposit/payment has cleared. Please keep in mind
all confirmations come from Ski Klub International, not our suppliers. If you have any questions, please contact us, NOT any of our suppliers.

** Please DO NOT purchase trip insurance until you received confirmation from Ski Klub International on your reservation.**

11) Please make every effort to submit subsequent deposits/payments in a timely manner - deposits/payments must be received on the due date
according to each trip's deposit/payment schedule. Failure to do so may result in late fees or cancellation of your reservation with penalties. Full payment
for any trip/tour/activity can be submitted in advance.

Payments for trips/Tours/Activities

We currently do not accept credit cards, Venmo or PayPal payments for any trips/activities.

Online Payment: If you have a Chase Checking account, you can submit payment via Zelle Payment process by signing in or sign-up with QuickPay/Zelle.


If your bank/credit union is in the Zelle Network (Click HERE) you can pay using Zelle payment process through your bank's/credit union's website or
banking app with your email address or mobile phone number.

**Do NOT sign-up for the stand alone Zelle App or on Zelle's website, it will not allow payments to our business account and transactions will be limited
to $300 per week limitation. If your bank is a participating bank in the Zelle network, please contact and sign-up directly at your bank's website for
person-to-person payment using Zelle.**

Payments can be made by:

1) Chase QuickPay - Click
Here for Link

or through your bank's Zelle Payment processing.

Recipient Name is Ski Klub International

E-mail address is

2) Personal Checks or Money Order (Bank or Post office) Payable to Ski Klub International.

Mail Payments Payable to:

Ski Klub International
860 Willis Avenue, Unit 27
Albertson, New York 11507