Hello Members,

We currently do not accept credit card payments, Venmo or Paypal (or any other types of payment process involving credit cards)
for any trips/activities. Transaction fees and surcharges for these services are very high. Our apologies for any inconvenience. If
you have suggestions for other payment options with no fees or small cost, please contact us.

Online Payment with Zelle through your financial Institution

For payment, we recommend sending all payments online for any trips/activities through your financial institution using Zelle. A
FREE service through your financial institution as sender and receiver of payments. Click

*** As with any financial tool/Banking App, please exercise caution when using Zelle. Please make sure you understand how Zelle
and ensure it's set up properly with your financial institution before sending your first payment. No financial
information/passwords are exchanged while using Zelle. The only information required to use Zelle is your name, a valid email
address or
mobile number. Please be aware Ski Klub International and your financial institution will NEVER ask you for your
personal information such as passwords, bank account numbers, etc. while using Zelle. Please contact your financial institution if
you have any questions. ***

Cheap Wire Transfer

** If you're familiar with "Wire Transfers", Zelle operates in a similar fashion, the only difference is there are NO transaction fees
of $25 - $100 typically associated with wire transfers. Payment from sender's bank to receiver's bank is completed in minutes. **

 If you currently have a Chase Bank account and have NOT signed-up for Chase QuickPay with Zelle, please sign-up for Chase
QuickPay with Zelle. Link is

If you have a Chase Account and have already signed-up for Chase QuickPay, and have successfully sent us payments in the past,
there is nothing for you to do. Please continue to use Chase QuickPay.

Your Bank/Financial Institution

If you currently do NOT have a Chase Bank account or bank with another financial institution, you can enroll to use Zelle with your
your financial institution's "person-to-person" payment service. If they are part of the Zelle network and if your financial
institution allows payment to a business account, please sign up and submit all payments through your bank's/credit union's Zelle
payment process. List of participating financial institutions in the Zelle network

**Do NOT sign-up for the standalone Zelle App or on Zelle's website, it will not allow payments to our business account and
transactions will be limited to $300 per week limitation. If your financial institution is a participating bank/credit union in the
Zelle network, please contact and sign-up directly at your bank's/credit union's website for person-to-person payment using Zelle.

Chase QuickPay is a FREE service to all Chase customers. In regards to person-to-person payment using Zelle, it is also a FREE
service, but confirm with your bank institution.

Payments can be made by:

1) Chase QuickPay - Click
Here for Link

Recipient Name: Ski Klub International

Email address:

2) If you are not a Chase Bank customer, you may be able to enroll in your bank's person-to-person payment service using Zelle,
provided your bank allows payment to a business account. Click
HERE for a listing of financial institutions associated with Zelle.

Email address:

Receipient Name: Ski Klub International

*** Please only use our email address for all payments. There are no phone numbers associated with our Zelle account at this
time. ***

3) Personal Checks or Money Order (Bank or Post office) Payable to Ski Klub International.

Mail Payments Payable to:

Ski Klub International
860 Willis Avenue, Box 27

Albertson, New York 11507

Page: Updated September, 2020